The new series of CLIP PRODUTORA, TAKING A RIDE WITH UFOS (DE CARONA COM OS ÓVNIS), accompanies a ufological backpacker for a trip to the main places of ufo incidences in Brazil.

TAKING A RIDE WITH UFOS ( DE CARONA COM OS ÓVNIS), coproduction of HISTORY CHANNEL with CLIP PRODUTORA, searches for Brazilian skies and roads and presents interviews with residents, real characters and witnesses of unexplained events, commented by the main ufologists of the country. The places visited were: Itapoá (SC) and Campina Grande do Sul (PR), Chapada Diamantina (BA), Peruíbe (SP), Quixadá (CE), São Thomé das Letras (MG), Chapada dos Veadeiros Colares (PA), Ipuaçu (SC), Conservatória (RJ), Varginha (MG), Guarabira (PB), Northern Coast of Rio Grande do Sul (RS) and Minas do Camaquã (RS).

The ufological backpacker will research documents and material evidence, analyzing artifacts and alleged evidence of extraterrestrial life. In addition, he will make night vigils, prepared to receive signals from the stars. Can he see a UFO? And make contact with aliens? The only certainty of the series TAKING A RIDE WITH UFOS (DE CARONA COM OS ÓVNIS) is that the ufological backpacker will visit the hottest places of Brazil and will ask for hitchhiking to any intergalactic vehicle that appears in his way.