Film making has always fascinated us. To express our feelings and what we think through films is a permanent wish.

The CLIP PRODUTORA has received 7 awards at national film festivals for the film “Pois é, Vizinha…” (That’s all, neighbor) including best director, best actress, best picture and people’s choice.

Meet some of our productions:



Pioneiros do Surfe no Rio Grande do Sul (Surfing Pioneers in Rio Grande do Sul, 2012), short film, digital.
Shown at Mimpi Surfing Festival and Canal Futura, TV Unisinos and TV Globo International.

Como vai o Cinema Brasileiro (How the Brazilian Cinema is Doing, 2001), medium-length, 16 mm and video.
Presented at the 4th Brazilian Conference of Cinema (CBC).


Short Films

Pois é, Vizinha… (That’s all, neighbour, 2002) — short film, 16 mm.
Accomplished through the project “Histórias Curtas” of RBS TV, shown on RBS TV Channel and TV Cultura Brazil, it was the Brazilian representative at the exground filmfest festival 2003 in Wiesbaden, Germany.

It was also present in several national and international festivals:

• 30th Festival de Gramado (Gramado Film Festival), 2002
• 35th Festival de Brasília (Brasilia Film Festival), 2002
• Cine PE 2002 – Festival Audiovisual Recife (Recife Audiovisual Festival), 2002
• 3rd ABC Cinema Award (Brazilian Association of Cinematography), 2002
• 3rd APTC Cinema Gaucho Expo (Association of Professionals and Technicians of Rio Grande do Sul), 2002
• CURTA-SE 2002- 3rd Luso-Brazilian Short Film Festival, Sergipe, 2002
• 7th Mercosul Florianópolis Audiovisual – FAM (Florianópolis, SC), 2003
• 26th Guarnicê Cinema, São Luís, MA, 2003
• I Guaçuano Video Festival (Mogi-Guaçu/SP), 2003
• 5th International BH Short Film Festival (Belo Horizonte, MG), 2003
• 30th International Journey of Cinema of Bahia, 2003
• 22nd International Festival of Uruguay 2004


Veneno da Lata (Harmful Can, 2001) — short film, 16mm

Shown on Channel and TV Cultura Brazil.

Shown in the festivals:

• 29th Festival de Gramado (29th Gramado Film Festival), 2001
• 34th Festival de Brasília (34th Brasilia Film Festival), 2001
• Curitiba Festival, 2002
• 2nd ECOCINE (National Film and Environmental Video Festival), 2002


Lembra meu Velho? (2002) — short film, 35 mm.

Shown at the 30th Festival de Gramado (30th Gramado Film Festival, 2002) and on TVE/RS.


Câmera, ação e bah… faltou luz (2001) — short film, vídeo.

Shown at the 29th Festival de Gramado (29th Gramado Film Festival, 2001).